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All of our Breads are Dairy free (except the Italian Cheese Bun)

Our breads are best unsliced at room temperature for 4-5 days or sliced and frozen for up to 2 months.  From the freezer just toast up the slices to your preference and it's like having a freshly baked piece of bread!

Order 1 dozen or more of 1 type of bread (or 2 dozen or more of 1 type of bun) and recieve 10% off.  Discount applies to orders placed in advance on Tues/Wed/Thurs only.


Whole Grain Flax Sandwich Loaf

  • Tasty and moist, a solid sandwich loaf enriched with ground flax seed.    $7.50

Quinoa Bread 

  • Another great sandwich loaf enriched with the super healthy quinoa.    $7.50 

Avena Loaf (gluten free oat bread)

  • a light 'multigrain' bread with gluten free oats, millet, poppy, sesame and flax seeds.    $7.50

Honey Seed Bread

  • Chia, flax, poppy, sesame and millet seeds round out this 'multigrain' loaf with a hint of honey.    $7.50

Chia Flax Loaf (egg, dairy, and sugar free)

  • A dark and light bread reminiscent of pumpernickel.    $7.50

Pecan and Dried Fruit Bread (available Sat only)

  • Our famous Whole Grain Flax loaf with Pecans, dried Figs and dried Cranberries.    $7.50

Cinnamon Raisin Bread 

  • A swirl of cinnamon and golden raisins. Perfect toasted with honey.    $7.50

Dutch Stoneage Bread $8.50

  • a dense bread made with sesame, pumpkin, flax, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnut 
  • yeast free, dairy free, grain free and sugar free



Quinoa Baguettes (10")   $3.50 each

Honey or Quinoa Buns $1.50 each 

Savory Buns:  Italian Cheese or Rosemary and Green Olive.   $2 each

Quinoa Demi Baguettes $3.50

Hamburger Buns:  traditional sesame seed buns $5 for 4 buns

Pizza Crusts 2 for $8.95


Honey, Cheese, Quinoa or Dried Fruit and Nut crostinis

garlic croutons

GF bread crumbs